Take what's Yours

It is for a very good reason, that we have chosen the logo of the raven, used by the Danish viking kings, here most famous Ragnar Lodbrok. If there is something we can learn from this lost culture it is, that they took what they wanted, noting was handed to them. We do not want anyone to go steal and plunder, we have luckily moved forward from than harsh barbarian time. But we believe it is still true, that if you want to get most out of life, you have to go for it! You have to take it! Give it all you got! Set goals and make it happens! Day after day! Put in the work! If you do that, there is noting you can no accomplish. Remember, that even the strongest guy or riches woman are not different from you. They just put in the work, and you can do it to.

We set out to make clothes, that support you workout, support you active lifestyle, and the same time encourage you, to get all you can out of life.

Algiz Heavy lift collection

Our newest and more aggressive line.

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Gym North Classic

The classical line is the first clothes we ever made and it has that classical feel to it. It's bassic, in the best of ways.
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Gen Next

Our first update on the original classic.

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